Personal Safety for Staff

Breakaway and Conflict De-Escalation

If your staff potently face an aggressive situation at work then the ability to de-escalate a volatile situation or “Breakaway” from an aggressor is vital. Breakaway is defined as a person’s safe movement or moving away from danger and defending attacks such as slaps and punches, grabs etc. We only use appropriate physical skills that are easy to learn, easy to remember and that have a track record of effectiveness!

Participants will be able to apply reasonable and justifiable break away techniques in the workplace relevant to their work place setting and to the level of threat they may face.

In a typical session participants will have the opportunity to watch and have explained to them good practice in verbal communication skills, situational awareness and body language as well as practice physical intervention techniques designed to minimise the impact of a physical assault while working within current legislation and the Law.

Who is it for?

  • Care workers
  • School staff
  • Frontline service providers
  • Public sector workers
  • Lone workers
  • Private security settings


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